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Singlespeed Mountain Biking in the Peak District

Back in the saddle


It seems like ages since I have been able to ride, but in reality it has only been a couple of months. My op was in Feb but the incessant rain and my inability to lift or apply any significant pressure I couldn’t raise the enthusiasm to do much at all.

However, since the sun has put in an appearance recently, I have fettled the Westy in readiness for some trips away, been on three reasonably short but fun rides and even tested out the Hope Valley Cycle lane from Sickleholm to Hathersage.

In an attempt to get my fitness back I’ll be getting out more over the next few days.

Night ride and no big holes!


Great night ride with Paul, Rob & Ian. Tideswell to Millers Dale, Priestcliffe, Monsal Trail,back up to Tideswell and into the Horse & Jocky (sorry about the mud!!).It was very muddy and the limestone was super slippy. If this is to be a regular thing I may have to get the SS Full Suss back in action.

At least we didn’t encounter any of these:

A field has disappeared into a giant sink hole at Foolow in The Derbyshire Peak District.  Locals claim the huge hole, measuring more than 160 ft across and 130 ft deep, which began collapsing yesterday and is still growing, was caused when part

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Post Christmas ride – slower than a slow thing!


Sometimes a morning’s ride in the winter sunshine reminds me why I live here, Singlespeed legs feeling the after effects of Christmas over indulgence it was a slow ride but still enjoyable.

A quick loop from home over to the reservoirs, hot chocolate at Fairholmes and then back into the headwind! Fitness training starts in 5 days.


Ladybower Reservoir in the sunshine.

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Peak District MTB advocacy group established.


a small group of us have started an advocacy and lobbying group to liaise with Peak Park Authority and Derbyshire Dales/County Councils in regard to improving MTB access in the area and to help them with their Cycling Strategy Plan.  If you live in the Park you can have a direct say by joining us, if you ride here but live further afield then you can become and supporter and to add weight to our cause.

Please use the link below to read the constitution and sign up using the join form on the website:

All the data will be used for is to keep you informed and to show the PDNPA that we have support from active MTBers.

Please forward on to any mates who live/ride in the Peak. We will post any news and developments here and on the website, there’s also a Twitter account @PeakDistrictMTB.

To allay any concerns we have launched with the full knowledge and support of Ride Sheffield and will be working closely with them on all aspects of common interest.

Cheers, Paul

Dawn Patrol!


Up at 7am to meet Richard and set off over the tops.

The sun was still behind Bradwell Edge when we set off, the ground and all standing water was frozen solid. The climb up on to Bradwell Moor was hard as the ice cold air stung our lungs but the climb warmed us up nicely. Making the top we nipped up a short green lane to find the mud frozen into some interesting terrain! Linking up with Batham Gate and Dirtlow Rake we crossed the top of the moor behind Pindale and Cave Dale.

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Night ride under moonlight


Grabbed the chance to get out on the bike tonight with a friend. The moon was up and the clouds were being propelled across the sky by a very strong wind which, while looking fantastic, turned into a headwind on a couple of occasions.

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Night ride round the reservoirs


A gentle 12 miler around the Peak District reservoirs to get us started in this winter’s night riding. We had enough lights for Glastonbury’s main stage on a cool and calm winter evening. Didn’t see another soul out. more rides planned, as is the expansion of our little nocturnal cycling band.

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A date with nettles


Grabbed a quick spin around the local trails and hooked into what is usually a nice downhill home down a green lane. Read the rest of this entry »

Been a while


Due to a family bereavement there has been little time to get out for more than a few quick spins around the local hills. Since then we have made our way to Dorset via the Olympics and, after watching Team GB Men’s Hockey team beat Argentina 1-0, we arrived to an overcast Dorchester. Read the rest of this entry »

Peak Pootle 14 July 2012


Saturday 14 July saw my first ever group ride with me on the Singlespeed. Every ride so far has either been solo or in a group of no more than 3.
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